Robertson Kitchen Remodeling

We are a local kitchen remodeling service. We offer modern, fast, low cost, and high-quality kitchens. In Robertson TX we help people love their kitchens.

Who We Serve

We are stationed in Austin TX but we serve other areas around Austin TX including:

  • Arlington
  • Denton
  • Flower Mound
  • Cedar Park
  • Richardson
  • Round Rock 
  • Irving
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Robertson
  • Pflugerville
  • Lakeway
  • Georgetown
  • Killeen
  • San Antonio
If you are in or around these cities or areas call us today.

We offer the following remodeling services:

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

  • Demolition of Cabinets, Vanities, Appliances, Counter Tops, Tubs & Showers, toilets, etc.
  • Professional Haul Off
  • Electrical Services
  • Plumbing
  • Sheetrock & Texture
  • Painting
  • Lighting
  • All kinds of Flooring
  • Back Splash, Tub & Shower Tiling.
  • Counter Tops
  • Appliance installing and more.

We are a full-service remodeling company.

Design Services

We offer cabinet layout and planning services at a price that can't be beat.

IKEA Kitchen Plan - $200

Custom cabinet or Non - IKEA Frame-less European cabinets - $300

Architecture and Design - Get a Quote

Estimating Services

All our estimating services are 100% free.

You will have a bid in hand within 48 hours of your appointment.

Whether your project is large or small, we will estimate it.

Give us a call today.

See how it works.

How Does It Work?
We follow these steps when remodeling kitchens.


We do free remodeling estimates. Our estimates are very detailed, listing out all the things we will do. We use a rough estimate for the cost of the cabinets. To get the exact price for cabinets, we provide a kitchen planning service for $200. During this service, one of our highly experienced kitchen designers will visit you at home and plan your kitchen with you. You will see three dimensional renderings as the process goes along. Our designer will calculate the price for your cabinets and installation. With this done, you will have a complete price for the project.

In Home Design: 4 Hours | Bid preparation: 1 - 2 Days

Don't like those soffits?


We can get rid of them! We also remove walls.

How much will it cost?


We provide detailed line item estimates. There are no surprises.

Free remodeling estimates.


Our remodeling estimates are free. For 3D designs, we charge a small fee.

Cabinet pricing is key.


About 80% of our projects use IKEA cabinets. They provide a 25 year warranty with all the best features such as soft close drawers.

Professional planning.


Our planner will visit you at home to plan your dream kitchen. The fee for this service is $200 for a plan from one supplier.

3D Kitchen plan.


The Three Dimensional plan will help you visualize your kitchen and provide a complete price for cabinets and installation.


Unlike what you may see on HGTV, we do not use sledgehammers to perform demolitions - except in rare cases! Our highly skilled carpenters and installers will carefully remove old cabinets and make sure no one gets hurt. We often remove fur-downs (also called soffits), dropped ceilings and walls.

We can open up structural walls - based on exact engineering specifications.

Want to open up that wall?

step2 1.jpg

We do it all the time. It really enhances the space.

Enhance the view.

step2 2.jpg

People love hanging out in the kitchen. An open plan will typically create extra seating.

Expanded countertops.

step2 3.jpgWe often cut down bar height countertops to match the regular countertop height.

Engineering letter provided.

step2 4.jpg

To remove a wall, an engineering letter is required. We have a deal with an engineer to provide this for $500.

Structural support.

step2 5.jpg

Depending on the engineering requirements, we provide structural support during installation of structural beams.

Making it happen.

cr=w_360,h_180 (2).jpg

Compare this picture with the first one in this group. The old wall is gone! The soffits are replaced with tall cabinets.

                              STEP 3 - ELECTRICAL & PLUMBING ROUGH

See those wires?

Step3 1.jpg

Under cabinet lights add a great quality to a kitchen. Its crucial to get rough wiring in the right position during this phase.

No plugs?

Step3 2.jpg

Yes, this kitchen has plugs located as part of the under cabinet lights. It requires careful electrical planning.

Want to move the sink?

Step3 3.jpgWe can do that. In this case, we had to jackhammer through a concrete floor to an island.

Experience counts. Step3 4.jpg

Getting rough plumbing done and set up ahead of other work is important.

Cabinet Lights. Step3 5.jpg

Planning ahead. Rough wiring was all in place by the time cabinets came in.

Electrical final.

Step3 6.jpg

We make it all come together at the end. Cabinet lights and new fixtures installed.


Depending on the condition of the sheetrock, when we remove old backsplash tile, we would typically need to replace the old backsplash sheetrock area - providing a smooth surface for tiling. Matching older textures require the skill of an experienced professional. Fresh paint makes for a clean look to any kitchen and is highly recommended as part of your project scope.

Demolition options. Step4 1.jpg

In some cases, the old backsplash tile comes of clean or with minor damage.

Preparing walls.

Step4 2.jpg

Wall preparation can be extensive, depending on conditions after demotion.

Want to move the sink?

Step3 3.jpgWe can do that. In this case, we had to jackhammer through a concrete floor to an island.

Experience counts. Step3 4.jpg

Getting rough plumbing done and set up ahead of other work is important.

Cabinet Lights. Step3 5.jpg

Planning ahead. Rough wiring was all in place by the time cabinets came in.

Electrical final.

Step3 6.jpg

We make it all come together at the end. Cabinet lights and new fixtures installed.


For flooring demolition, we can provide dustless flooring removal - an amazing service. Its easier to install new flooring before the new cabinets go in. The workspace is wide open and there is no risk of damaging new cabinets. Also, some cabinets provide a snap-on toe kick. This allows for easy deep cleaning if your floor runs all the way under the cabinets. If your kitchen footprint changes and all that's needed is to patch some areas, we can do that - providing the material can be sourced.

Dustless removal.
Flooremoval can be messy. We provide dustless flooring removal services.

Tying in to existing floor.

Step5 2.jpg

We often tie into existing flooring - providing matching materials are available.

Floor before cabinets?

Step5 3.jpgIn most cases, it is easier to do flooring ahead of cabinet installation.

Bigger flooring projects. Step5 4.jpg

We often work in coordination with flooring companies to get in at specific times.

Making it easy. Step5 5.jpg

A wide open space makes for easy work ahead of cabinet installation.

Perfect results.

Step5 6.jpg

IKEA cabinets have snap-on toe-kick, resting on top of the floor with no trim needed.


We specialize in installing frameless European cabinets from suppliers like IKEA. We also install American cabinets from online suppliers like CliqStudios. These products provide excellent value. They do, however, require highly skilled and experienced installers. Our skills in this area is what sets us apart from most other kitchen remodeling companies and is also why we are priced so competitively.

Confirming the Layout. Step6 1.jpg

The first thing we do is to make sure the layout plan will work. Lines are drawn and measurements are double checked.

Understanding conditions.

Step6 2.jpg

The art of cabinet installation evolves around dealing with ceilings, walls and floors that are not level or plumb.

Hanging cabinets. Step6 3.jpgCabinets have to be perfectly squared during assembly. Next they get secured to the walls.

Verify levels. Step6 4.jpg

Cabinets have to be perfectly level. This is verified at the end of the installation.

Varify applience openings.Step6 5.jpg

We double check to make are sure appliances will fit perfectly.

Drawers and doors.

Step6 6.jpg

The project gets finished off with perfectly assembled drawers and doors.


This is a two-step process. First, a template is made. This is done once cabinets are fully installed. The template measures any slight imperfections such as a curve in your wall. The template is then used to manufacture the countertop. We offer a temporary countertop and sink installation service - highly recommended for busy families who need a functioning kitchen. (Eating out can get old!)

Template measurement.Step7 1.jpg

After cabinets are installed, a template is done to provide detailed measurements.

Template details.

Step7 2.jpg

The purpose is to measure for details like you see in this picture.

Temporary sink. Step7 3.jpgWe provide a temporary sink & countertop service while you wait on countrtops.

Sink fitted. Step7 4.jpg

The countertop installers will fit the sink (but not hook up the plumbing).

Heavy lifting. Step7 5.jpg

Countertops are installed by specialists who do nothing else. Customers need to be home for this step.

Epoxy glue down.

Step7 6.jpg

Seams and countertop materials are glued down onto cabinets with very strong epoxy glue.

                                   STEP 8 - FINAL PLUMBING

Sink Hookup.Step7 4.jpg

Although the countrtop installers will install the sink, they won't do the hookup.

Faucet install.

Step8 2.jpg

We always replace old shut down valves and the new faucet is hooked up to these.

Dishwasher hookup. Step10 6.jpgThe dishwasher is connected to the appropriate supply valves and drain lines.

Disposal hookup. Step8 4.jpg

Disposal is hooked up including electrical the connection.

Soap supply hookup. Step8 5.jpg

Any special soap dispensers and sprayers are hooked up.

Fridge line connections.

Step8 6.jpg

Should the project require a new fridge line connection, it is hooked up at this time.


We install a lot of regular ceramic subway tile - a great choice for most kitchens. Glass subway tile costs more to install, but can add wonderful depth. Backsplash tiles provide an opportunity for putting your own creative stamp on your kitchen. Most tile choices are available on short notice - allowing you to buy some samples and test them with your new countertops in place. Keep in mind that special patterns or accents can become dated. Choose with the long term in mind.

Herringbone patterns.Step9 1.jpg

This type of layout requires special cuts and typically costs more.

Glass tile.

Step9 2.jpg

There is an upcharge for glass tile as it is very difficult to cut. Results are stunning.

Getting it done. Step9 3.jpgGetting professional help makes for a quick and beautiful project completion.

Preparation is key. Step9 4.jpg

A perfectly smooth surface is required for successful tile installation.

Using the right grout. Step9 5.jpg

We use sanded grout for the best results. These are sealed. Never use epoxy grout.

It's all good.

Step9 6.jpg

The choice of what tile to buy can wait until countertops are in. That way you can see it before you buy it.

                           STEP 10 - APPLIANCE INSTALLATION

Ovens and Ranges.Step10 1.jpg

This includes the final gas hookup and ensuring the equipment is level and working.

Vent a Hood.

Step10 2.jpg

The final hookup requires tying in all the vent pipes and electrical connections.

Microwave Step10 3.jpgIKEA cabinets have 15 inch uppers and requires special equipment for microwaves.

Making it all work. Step10 4.jpg

Attention to detail is important when it comes to appliance installation.

Making it fit. Step10 5.jpg

Careful attention to appliance openings is required throughout the project.

Straight and level.

Step10 6.jpg

Adjustments to equipment like dishwashers for a perfect fit is crucial.


All electrical fittings such as hanging pendant lights, fitting trim rings for can lights, cover plates for switches and plugs will be completed on this step. Although old cabinets are typically hauled off by this stage, there will be quite a bit of additional construction debris and boxes that will be collected at this time. We will write our own punch list of final items. However, we welcome another set of eyes - if you wish to provide a list of your own, we will be delighted to take care of everything. A completed punch list = A completed project!

Under cabinet lights. Step11 1.jpg

A professional installation means no wires are showing and lights are fully secured.

Final electrical hookups.

Step11 2.jpg

This includes connections to all equipment including vents, lights & ovens.

Punch lists & details. Step11 3.jpgWe draw up our own punch lists, but encourage customers to make notes of their own.

Feel the love. Step11 4.jpgWe want you to love your new kitchen and we're here to take care of the details.

Pendants & Recessed cans. Step11 5.jpgPendants come in many forms and always work well over islands or peninsulas.

Hanging fixtures.

blog6.jpgWe hook up and safely secure everything from ceiling fans to chandeliers.