For flooring demolition, we can provide dustless flooring removal - an amazing service. Its easier to install new flooring before the new cabinets go in. The workspace is wide open and there is no risk of damaging new cabinets. Also, some cabinets provide a snap-on toe kick. This allows for easy deep cleaning if your floor runs all the way under the cabinets. If your kitchen footprint changes and all that's needed is to patch some areas, we can do that - providing the material can be sourced.

Dustless removal.


Flooring removal can be messy. We provide dustless flooring removal services.

Tying in to existing floor.


We often tie into existing flooring - providing matching materials are available.

Floor before cabinets?


In most cases, it is easier to do flooring ahead of cabinet installation.

Bigger flooring projects.


We often work in coordination with flooring companies to get in at specific times.

Making it easy.


A wide open space makes for easy work ahead of cabinet installation.

Perfect results.


IKEA cabinets have snap-on toe-kick, resting on top of the floor with no trim needed.